Sunday, May 23, 2010

countdown for the bicycle trip to Ukraine

19 May, 2010 - i was known in america as a piano teacher, musician, photographer, pilot, etc. and here in Sicilia as an English teacher, maid, painter, etc. I tend to take my identity from the work that I do. depending on the work itself, the social perception of the work and my personal perception of the work, I may feel proud or humiliated by the work. but in spite of the work I undertake, the truth is that I’m not at all the work that I do. my thoughts and feelings arrive closer to that truth but there’s a point beyond my thoughts and feelings, a point of silence – we may say the state of being; this point, or rather this infinite space, this is in reality who I am.

in this bicycle trip I will look for work to sustain us to the end in Ukraine, in Russia. when i photograph, play music or write I will distance myself from pride as I distance myself from shame while cleaning someone’s house or doing other banal work – I will work free of pride, free of shame in the awareness of my true identity within the state of being.


  1. the silence space of awareness of being a human being that eachone should have... so nice to have met you, and sad you cannot teach music to my trio... I wish you and valentina a peaceful and adventureous trip!

  2. Ciao Liam e Valentina vi ricordate di me?
    Buon viaggio
    Ciao Salvatore.

    Italy Calabria

  3. Questo è il posto dove ci siamo conosciuti.