Monday, May 24, 2010

countdown for the bicycle trip to Ukraine

23 May 2010 – as we prepare for the trip and watch the beautiful life we created here begin to melt away I’m reminded of my last days in America before making the move here almost five years ago. my house in Lexington, KY was known by my friends as ‘the house of joy’. for what I may lack in intelligence and earning power I’m apparently gifted at creating in my surroundings an atmosphere of ease, acceptance and peace. for this I am deeply grateful.

this slow trip by bicycle through Italia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, will be an opportunity to carry from place to place the atmosphere of ease, acceptance and peace to unite all that we meet along the way. while we have hopes of reaching first Kahovka, Ukraine, and then in the spring, Tula, Russia, this will not be a trip, like most, with the purpose of arriving at a particular destination. each and every point along the way, each person with whom we connect will be the fulfillment of a destination reached.

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