Tuesday, July 13, 2010

12.7.10 İstanbul 'for us time does not exist - only space exists.'

a few days ago, while pedaling out of Tekirdağ, i was looking around with my mouth open at the strange city, the people - everything seemed to me like another world.    i was thinking, how is it possible that i arrived all the way here by bicycle! in that very moment the front tire went flat.

Deniz and Bora' have been unbelievably kind, entertaining and generous. we've slept four night at their home, we've eaten a lot of interesting and delicious food, they took us to the turkish bath and to two parties, they introduced us to many dear people. we leave with gifts in our mouths - Bora' is a dentist and fix a tooth for each of us. we sincerely thank them for all they've done for us!

we leave İstanbul Tuesday heading north to Bulgaria.

very fondly, Liam+Valentina

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  1. wow, what an amazing story! dont look a gifthorse in the mouth!


    dreaming along with you on your (now newly inflated) tires and souls.

    hugkiss lovemiss.