Saturday, July 3, 2010

3.7.10 saturday - Alexsandroupoli, Greece

we arrived early this morning in the last Greek city before crossing the Turkish boarder. if all goes well tonight we'll find a nice spot in Turkey to put our tent. we still have 260km before reaching Istanbul but it looks like we'll arrive there sometime next week. there are a few friends of friends there so we hope to have a place to stay (for the first time in the trip) and be able to see a bit of that fabulous city.

much love and peace to all, Liam+Valentina

bizentine bridge near Xanthi:

via egnatia - this is the old road that we followed (more or less):

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  1. i was very glade to meet you in my town Alexanroupoli on Saturday 3th of June while you are drinking a cup off tea in front of the town hole.i'm waiting to see my picture with Valentina.have a beautiful trip