Wednesday, July 21, 2010

20.7.10 Edirne, Turkey

the bastards lıed to us!

when we arrived at the border in Derekoy to enter Bulgaria we were told that Valentina, being from Ukraine, requires a special visa to enter the country and that visa is issued only in Istanbul (260km) and Edirne (100km) for a cost of 50 euro. after five hours trying to convince them to call the embassy to make an exception for us or to at least give us the number so we might call but they refused. after five hours waiting there they physically removed us from the Bulgarian side and placed us on the Turkish side of the border. we arrived at the embassy here in Edirne this morning and were told that we would have to go to Istanbul. they gave us the number for the office in Istanbul which functions like a phone sex number - you much pay 13 euros to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

at this point we're rather discouraged to say the least. (siamo brutti, stanchi  e non vogliamo vivere di piu'!). it's a case of discrimination against the poor people. we certainly don't want to play this stupid game with the Bulgarian emigration any more. we'll try to by pass the country. we are heading back in the direction of Istanbul (300km) and will make a decision as what to do next.

we did visit a gorgeous masque here today that rıvals the best in Istanbul. Edirne is certainly a lovely little city.

with sweat and tears we remain,

angry Valentina and the privileged american 


  1. Road it is not always sweet. But me must fight to get a place in this society, in this world. I had very bad experiences crossing borders, but now, they are on my back. Good luck and keep on moving with the wind,
    6 years on the road, cycling and doing the clown

  2. Wonderful perspective biciclown! I was talking to someone yesterday about a world map she had that was about 50 years old. So many borders have changed since then! So many new country names! Borders change because they are man-made, and arbitrary for that. This is one world; we are one people.
    Love always as a kind wind carries you,