Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tekirdag, Turkey tuesday 6.7.10

we arrived in Turkey sunday mornıng. ıl border was very coplicated - more so than check point charlie in Berlin during the soviet union era in 1984. in spite of the fact, after paying 35 euros for the vista we passed without problems. from the border untıl 30km later there was not even one tree, scorching sun and terrible water. fortunatly at the end of the day we arrived in a pine forest to put the tent to sleep. in Keshan we went to a supermarket and were shocked by the prices - 3 euros per kilo for bananas, 38 euros per kilo for nuts, ect. also ıf we were hungry we couldn't pay those prıces. durıng the pause for lunch in a cemitery (only there we found trees) we saw a poisonous snake e İ broke a tooth on an olive pitt. our first days in Turkey seemed like hell. but only later we realized that those prices were in turkısh lıra' worth half the euro. insead the prices here are quite convenient. with a little stone for sharpening knives Valentina was able to remove the sharp edge of the broken tooth.
we found also a fountain with miraculous water e wonderful bread. later evening while pedaling on the road we saw a family taking their tea. they sıgnaled to us to drınk with them. we didn't want to mıss the chance and without speaking turkish we pass a lovely time with them. the man has three wives and four chıldren. there were all except the third wife and the smallest child who were home in İstanbul. they invited us to their home when we arrive in İstanbul. this city, Tekirdag, at first seemed strange and ugly but as soon as we entered, the men in front of this internet cafe put little table and chairs under a tree for us, one man imeadiately took the thermos for hot water for tea, and another went to but delicıous baklava with pıstaccio. we felt like royalty. we've discovered that Turkey is a country of contrast and our home is here in this moment.
greetings from Turkey, lıam and valentina

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  1. It's so wonderful to travel with your own dentist!!! You two are incredible.

    Leaving for Duke today and will be gone for your birthday. I'm sending you special hugs and kisses to welcome in your new year. Hope you are able to contact Seniz.

    Love, love, love, Patricia