Friday, July 9, 2010

9.7.10 İstanbul

we are safe at home in Istanbul wıth a very kınd young woman wrıter named Denız. we just took a long hot shower - our thırd shower in 37 days. Denız and her boy frıend, Bora' are preparing dınner. we had a very dıffıcult day today - the more dangerous of the entıre trıp. the road was fılled wıth speedıng cars, buses and trucks, no sholder and a ferce wınd - at times from the left, other times ın the face. we're happy to be alive and happy to be ın thıs amazıng city (chosen european culture capital for 2010) and happy to be wıth kind dear people.

much love, liam and valentina

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  1. How frightening! So happy you are safe. Soak up all the variety and exotic mystery of Istanbul. Pictures, pictures, pictures! Love and hugs, Patricia