Tuesday, June 22, 2010

19.6.10 saturday - Ioannina, Greece (english)

we arrived in Igoumenitsa by ferry from Bari 17.6.10 at 9am and hit the road. this part of northern Greece is very mountainous so we've had a difficult two days to climb the mountains, however, the landscape is spectacular and the people are very kind. Ioannina is a lovely city on a lake surrounded by mountains. we just went to the open market - a peice of antiquity in the heart of the modern city.

from the beginning of the trip to the we been encountering acts of kindness: gifts of coffee, a jar of honey, a hot shower in a home, a wrist watch (Valentina asked a fisherman for the time. he said, now you will always know the time.), olive and fruit orchards to pitch the tent for the night. precious water, hot water for the thermus, fruit and vegetables, beautiful huge bread, pita, a great map of Greece (just at the right moment when we began in Greece). a ukrainian in Catania woman gave us 20 euros. a little russian girl we met with her family in Bari at the basilica di Saint Nicholas gave us 20 euros and said that i'm the best singer in the world (i played and sang for them on the ferry from Bari to Igoumenitsa). with the scorching sun and the seemingly endless clime on the mountain we remember these acts of kindness and so we continue.

we are progressing well ahead of our predicted schedule. we have another two hard days ahead in the mountains and then it flattens out as we reach the east coast of Greece and follow it to Istanbul, Turkey.

much love to all, Liam+Valentina

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  1. What beautiful generosity and support you are receiving! Good karma!

    I have a friend in Istanbul from my studies with Caroline Myss. How long do you expect to stay there? I will contact her.

    Love and light and hugs,