Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hey charles,

the blog is beautiful! thank you so much for your wonderful creative input. would you try to find a foto or two of the ancient city Dion.
we slept there near the temple of Aphrodite and other godesses.

it's a lovely huge nature park now - very green and filled with birds and little animals.

i'd like a foto of Ioannina.

though it was one of the first greece cities we passed, it was one of the prettiest.
also Kavala is a pretty little city on the sea. there's a nice piazza in the center were we had our picnic lunch.

now we're in Kavala. we still have about 600km before reaching Istanbul. we're hoping to arrive there for my birthday. all's still going very well. yesterday morning i had a flat tire on the highway but i was prepared with a new tube so it wasn't a problem.

we've mentioned the heavy load that we carry. we have of course our clothes for the trip, of few tools and spare parts, and a lot of food and water. we are both continuing our vegan diet and we don't cook food on the trip. at any one moment we have on hand several kilos of fruit and vegetables, granola, seeds, nuts, olives, tahini, spices, herbs, halva, chocolate fondente, baklava, a litre of olive oil, and a big loaf (sometimes two kilos) of sour dough bread when we find it (most of the time). we go through a lot of bread soaked in olive oil. we often find fruit trees along the road (more often in italia) - cherries, plumbs, figs, gelsi. in the mountains we joked about buying a watermelon but when we reached the plain a farmer gave us one along with two other smaller melons. we get free hot water for the thermos at bars for tea and herbal tea three times a day. we eat much more than we did at home in Siracusa and we're always hungry. it's such a pleasure to eat!

big hugs to all, liam+valentina

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