Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wednesday 9 june - Vibo Valentia, Italia -

we boarded the ferry (free of charge) at Messina and arrived in Villa San Giovanni, Calabria. from there we headed north on highway ss18. we were a bit apprehensive leaving our familiar Sicilia to this unknown region of Italia, however, our experiences are very much the same here - smiles, gestures of kindnes, breath-taking scenry and the force of support that pulls us along.
much love to all, liam+valentina


  1. walking in the appenini di monghidoro the other day, i remarked to elia... i wonder where liam and valentina are by now? we talked about you valentina's over a century year old anna karenina, and i recounted to him the first lines of the story, my first italian lesson.

    so so proud of you. what an inspiration you are.

    sending you love and american hugs. keep it up old man.

  2. Keep on, keepin' on! You are both living a glorious journey! Love and energy, Molly